Boman s.r.l.

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Boman was born in 1999 from the entrepreneurial initiative of Silvio Bonaudi, founder and sole administrator. After some years he was joined by his children Enrico and Clara, who have become an important part of the company and its generational continuity. Boman works at a global level in the field of construction of lifting structures and specialises in the development and creation of crane and mobile crane components.
This activity represents its core business today.

Boman specialises in the production and welding of structures made from high-strength steel, laminated and quenched thermo-mechanical steel, with a yield strength of up to 1100 Mpa. Using materials such as S355J2, S690QI, S700MC, S890QI, S960QL, S 11 0QL. For welding processes, 135-MAG, 111-MMW, 121-SAW are used to fabricate high-strength metallic structures requiring complex technical solutions.
In particular, Boman is highly qualified for the production of Megaform booms (S960QL), chassis for all-terrain and off-road mobile cranes (S960QL, S 111 0QL) and towers (S960QL), as well as creating components for small and large Tower Cranes .

Following a rigorous and strategie plan, Boman has also positioned itself as a leader in the development, concept and design of specialised machinery. Having created manipulators, positioners and other equipment suitable for the handling and assembly of components, for both small and large machinery. This has allowed us to create and modify machinery to fulfill custom requirements and guarantee the the best quality for all of our products.

Boman’s continuous evolution has allowed us to launch new products designed and built entirely in-house.

Using our expertise in CAD and 3D design software. We are able to guarantee high quality manufacturing and can continue to update and improve our current line of products and machinery.

From our experience, it is through the careful selection and use of certificated raw materials, in combination with the knowledge and expertise of our personnel. That we at Boman have built a foundation, upon which growth and success have always rested.


From the creation of specialised machinery to the fabrication of high-strength metallic structures. We previde high-precision products and components to compete with increasingly complex, technical requirements.

Processing and welding high-strength steels requires special qualifications and procedures.
Therefore, it’s our duty to invest in the best resources to motivate and train our personnel. Following a curat­ed development plan that targets and enhances the professional skills of our engineers. We are able to ensure that Boman is at the forefront of inovation within the field. But above all else, it allows us to guarantee a high quality product with the possibility of continuous improvement.

Factors of great importance for Boman are the certifications that it has to qualify its activity, such as EN ISO 9001 (quality management system), EN ISO 3834-2 (welding processes management system), UNI EN 1090-1, UNI EN 1090-2 (CE labelling for steel and aluminum structural components).

Boman also has specialised personnel with CSWIP certification (Certified welding inspector), welding person­nel with qualifications according to standard EN ISO 9606-1, qualified personnel for non-destructive testing with certification PND EN ISO 97 (VT 2° level visual test, UT 2° level ultrasonic test, MP 2° level magnetoopti­cal test and PT liquid penetrant test).


We design and construct machinery and equipment suitable for the assembly, handling and welding of small and large dimension components.

We use 3D software “PTC Creo Elements” to guarantee rapid development of products, to ensure efficiency in the engineering phase.

We’re experienced in mechanical design, integrated with hydraulic and electronic systems. This allows us to create machinery and equipment, from the concept and design stage, through to engineering development and all the way to the activation of the system.


The production process is a strong feature of a highly verticalized company, whose development is largely carried out internally, through different production phases.

In our production area, of over 9000 square meters indoors. We are equipped with the most efficient carpen­try technologies, mechanical processing, handling and finishing.